The WLCP at Hoover Elementary strives to introduce and educate our children (Grades K - 6) about different languages and cultures through workbooks, classroom participation, games, songs and class time projects. Classes are scheduled prior to the start of school. The WLCP is a special project of the Hoover PTA and is coordinated by parent volunteers.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winterferien! (Winter break!)

Guten Morgen!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your winter break. We had a great fall in German class, and we've managed to work on a few verbs as well as learn some winter vocabulary. If you're in a practicing mood over break, here are some things that should be familiar to the German learners:

Verstecken spielen = Hide and go seek
(verstecken = to hide; spielen = to play)

You can count to 25 (or however high you're willing to go) and then ask
Wo bist du!? = Where are you?
Wo ist (die Giraffe/ der Tiger)? = Where is (the giraffe/ the tiger)?

If you find something, you can exclaim "gefunden!" (found!) or just explain where the person/animal is:
Da bist du! = There you are!
Da ist (die Giraffe/ der Tiger)!

der Winter (winter)
der Schnee (snow)
der Schneemann (snowman)
das Auge (eye) - die Augen (eyes)
die Nase (nose)
der Mund (mouth)
der Schal (scarf)
der Bauch (belly)
der Arm (arm)
die Hand (hand) - die Hände (hands)
die Mütze (cap)
die Handschuhe (gloves, literally 'hand shoes')

Schöne Ferien!

Monday, December 16, 2013


My apologies to Rosario and students……this was supposed to be posted prior to Thanksgiving Break….

Hola a todos,
In the last three days we have been working on the body parts. If you feel like it these days you can play with your kids by touching some parts and name them eyes closed, or just play bingo with this bingo board (if it can be attached in the blog).
We have seen the parts involved in the song previously mentioned in my former post and also:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Le temps et la nourriture (Weather and Food in French)

the past few weeks we have been learning the calendar, days of week, months of the year, seasons, and weather. o practice at home, you can ask your child to do a mini weather report at breakfast or at dinner.

This week and next week we are starting to talk about food: what we love, like, and hate to eat. Your child will bring home a long list of common foods. To practice, I recommend having your child help create a grocery list or plan menus for le petit déjuener (breakfast), le déjuener (lunch), and le dîner (dinner). We will also learn how to set the table.

Finally, the French postal service has a website where children can write to Santa and he writes back (it takes a few weeks). The website also has some games. I am happy to help your child write a letter to Santa; please have your child bring a short (two or three items) list of what they would like to ask for and I will translate for them.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

German Class - Week Two

Guten Morgen!

Even though it's evening now, our mornings in German class have been great so far! We have been moving around, singing, and coloring. We learned a fun "ABC" song and have been talking about our favorite animals and what they do (fly, swim).

Here are some of the phrases we're working on:
Ich heiße ____ (My name is ___)
Ich fliege (I fly)
Ich schwimme (I swim)
Auf wiedersehen (goodbye)

...and some of our favorite animals:
der Vogel (bird)
der Adler (eagle)
der Tiger (tiger)
die Giraffe (giraffe)
die Katze (cat)
das Eichhörnchen (squirrel)

We've also listened to the "Fliegerlied" and we watched the version with Tim Toupet on YouTube, if you'd like to see some of that flying and swimming in a catchy song!

Be sure to keep track of our progress on the German blog and come join us!